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Pleasant Places Therapy Centre provides a holistic blend of evidence-based therapy services for children with learning and developmental challenges including provision of Direct Observation, Evaluation and Assessment Services using world class standardized tools including international in-person and online consultations

 One on One  Individualized Therapy Services including  School Shadowing /Facilitation,  After School Intensive Therapy and Education Programs, IEP Development and Curriculum Modification, Skills Training and Acquisition Programs ,  Holiday Group Therapy and  Social Integration (Buddy) clubs,  Therapists, Teachers and Parents Trainings, Workshop and Seminars as well as Psychosocial Support and Counselling Services for parents and caregivers

Our services are individually tailored to meet the peculiar needs of each child and their families aggressively employing the principles of repeatability and consistency

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………Every child deserves the best!

Every child matter to us and our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve their best and to lay the foundations on which their future learning is built.

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