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Creche and Toddler Care

Creche and Toddler Care​

Our toddler room provides a cozy atmosphere and a home away from home experience for children from 3 months to two years. Each child is assigned a Key Practitioner who closely monitors their activities at play, nap times and interactions.

All resources are carefully chosen to meet the development needs of the child, change their achievement and motivate them to interact with their peers and environment.

Our creche and Toddler Care Unit has different plans and structures that meets the needs of all parents who require a quick dash to an event or shopping, has to meet with extended work deadlines and structure or just simply to provide the child with an environment to socially interact with their peers.

Our Creche, Toddler care and after school unit are open all year round.

With our unique software, you can receive real time reports about your child’s activities, so you don’t have to miss those wonderful developmental milestones.

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………Every child deserves the best!

Every child matters to us and our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve their best and to lay the foundations on which their future learning is built.

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