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Learning Support

Learning Support

Our learning support department is for students who require extra support in some or all areas of the curriculum. All our staff are trained to meet the diverse needs of students and provide them with support to overcome learning needs and challenges.

Our staff are equipped to support students with reading and math challenges including dyslexia, dyscalculia as well as Emotional and Behavioural Problems to ensure that they improve on their academic achievement.

Special Educational Needs

Pleasant Places School adopts a ‘whole school approach’ to Special Educational Needs (SEN) which involves all the staff adhering to a model of good practice. Staff are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children. Inclusion is regarded as crucial to this policy.

We have a very robust Special Education and Therapy department with trained and certified Special Needs Teachers and therapists in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and other evidence based strategies such as Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy among others to address needs of our students.


We aim to create an environment of equal opportunities for everyone

Accessibility and Pupils with Disability

As an inclusive school we are committed to raising the attainment of all pupils with due regard to their individual circumstances.

We are committed to challenging discrimination against those with disabilities, ensuring equality of access and preparing all pupils for life in a diverse society

School Hour

Meet The Teachers

Meet our Staffs

………Every child deserves the best!

Every child matters to us and our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve their best and to lay the foundations on which their future learning is built.

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