Policies and Procedures

It is extremely important that children attend school regularly and arrive on time. Pupils arriving late are marked as late in the register and this is recorded on their report at the end of the year. Carers and Teachers would not be available at the gate to receive pupils after 8:00am. If your child has an appointment and will be late for school please notify the class teacher in writing prior to the appointment. On your child’s return to school please accompany your child to the school office so that they can be registered. If your child has an unavoidable appointment during school hours please report to the school office before collecting your child from the classroom. It is extremely disruptive for a child to go on holiday during term time and children should not be taken out of school for holidays

If your child is absent please telephone the school on the first day of absence. In the case of longer absence please telephone the school as it helps us to be aware of illnesses and in particular those that are infectious.

Please let us know if your child has been in contact with an infectious illness. If your child has a bout of sickness or diarrhea, it is policy to allow 48 hours from the last episode before the child returns to school. This helps prevent the infection spreading to other children. Your child should refrain from taking part in school swimming lessons if applicable for a period of two weeks following the last episode of sickness or diarrhea

We need to know about any particular medical need before a child is admitted, or when a child first develops a medical need. Parents should tell us about the medicines that their child needs to take and provide details of any changes to the prescription or the support required.

Parents are required to send in a medical disclosure form filled, signed and stamped by a medical doctor. All medicines must be brought to the school office by the child’s parent together with a consent form (available from the office) signed by the parent. No child should ever bring medicine into school themselves or carry any medicine around with them. We will only accept medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber. The medicines should always be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescriber’s instructions for administration. It is helpful, where clinically appropriate, if medicines are prescribed in dose frequencies which enable it to be taken outside school hours. Medicines that need to be taken three times a day could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime. We will not administer any non-prescribed medicine. We are unable to accept responsibility for dangerous medicines or for failure to administer a dose and are unable to store medicines in a fridge.

We work hard to teach children the first steps in looking after themselves, e.g. washing their hands after using the toilet, and blowing their noses properly.

If your child has an accident, we will enter the details in our accident book. If your child bumps their head, we will send home a note to let you know or we will telephone you.

Parents are notified of any concerns.

During school hours it is only possible to enter by the front door. Please report to the office as soon as you enter the building. We do not encourage parents to walk into our classrooms without prior notice and permission as it may disrupt lessons and upset some children.

Our school provides a range of healthy hot meals which are prepared on site. This has a separate fee charge. You may pay for school meals for your child or send in a healthy packed lunch. We do not heat up meals sent from home. We do not allow sweets, fizzy drinks or junk.

Branded uniforms are provided by the school for reception -Primary classes.  Cardigans may be available on an extra charge. Children in Nursery do not wear uniforms but should arrive in simple, smart and comfortable dressing with an extra set of clothing.

  • All items of clothing should be clearly named
  • Hair must be neatly made without beads and should not be extreme e.g. dyed and unusual cuts
  • Jewelry must not be worn except a watch or simple stud earrings which must be removed or taped over for PE. SMART watches and those with recording devices may not be worn.
  • No nail varnishes
  • Uniform with the school logo from other schools would not be allowed.

We are very grateful for all the help we receive from parents. If you feel that you can help in any way please let us know. We welcome parents who are able to assist the children during lessons or club time in the nursery.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the school please contact either the Administrator or the class teacher who will be happy to talk to you and hopefully resolve the problem. We find that nearly all concerns or potential complaints can be resolved happily through discussion.

In the unlikely event that after discussing the problem in school you are still concerned, please write to the Director on

The PTA is a fund-raising committee run by parents of children in the school. It organizes a range of social events for the school community.

The PTA actively supports the school through its fund-raising efforts and it raises money for all those extras that enhance the children’s lives in school.

The success of the PTA depends entirely on the support of all parents and staff. We greatly appreciate any assistance. This can be anything from a little time helping out, to coming along to support the functions with family and friends.

The PTA activities are enjoyable and we hope that they are a good way for people to meet each other.

Every child matter to us and our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve their best and to lay the foundations on which their future learning is built.……

Every child deserves the best!

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